Top 8 Allergy Free Toolkit

Top 8 Allergy Free Toolkit

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Our Top 8 Allergy Free Toolkit is designed to get you started when managing the US top 8 allergens (and sesame). This toolkit will guide you hidden allergen sources, reading labels, and much more. Included in this Top 8 Allergy Free Toolkit:

01 - Reading Labels, a Written Guide
Learn the art of reading labels for food allergens, but also learn what's not on the label. This is your first line of defense.

02 - How To Read Labels, Video
The Allergy Chef™ walks you through reading labels, and shows real-world examples.

03 - How To Call Companies, Audio File
Learn from the experts what you need to know when calling companies about food allergies.

04 - How To Manage a Mixed Allergy Household, Video
If you have one or more people in your home with a different dietary need, you'll want to watch this file. Learn how to create a safe space in your kitchen, and keep everyone well fed.

05 - Ingredient Clarification
There's so much confusion about peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, and more. Learn the difference and how it applies to you.

06 - Ingredient Substitutions
Learn how to swap ingredients when cooking and baking. This information will help you make delicious meals ASAP.

07 - Gluten & Wheat Free Flour - Where To Start
New to gluten free flour? We've got you covered. Learn how to start making gluten free foods that taste GOOD.

08 - Ingredient Profile: Gluten Free Oats
Have you heard about how oats can be contaminated with wheat? We explain it all, and teach you how to make sure you're getting a safe product.

09 - Hidden Sources of Wheat & Gluten
Wheat and gluten can be found all over the food industry. Learn how to spot it and avoid it.

10 - Gluten & Wheat Free Swaps
We've assembled our favorite product swaps that are gluten and wheat free.

11 - Hidden Sources of Dairy
Having a dairy allergy can be hard given the way dairy is used in the food industry. This resource will help you avoid dairy when shopping.

12 - Dairy Free Swaps
We've assembled our favorite dairy free swaps from brands that make food on dairy free equipment.

13 - Hidden Sources of Egg
Egg has so many great uses in food, unless you're allergic to eggs. Learn where they hide and to avoid them.

14 - Hidden Sources of Soy
Soy, like corn, is EVERYWHERE. We teach you how to avoid it day-to-day.

15 - Hidden Sources of Tree Nuts
Tree nuts are popular in today's food. Learn where they're commonly found.

16 - Ingredient Profile: Tiger Nuts (NOT a Nut)
Tiger nuts are poorly named and may be one of the coolest ingredients you've never heard of. Learn how this ingredient can revolutionize your top 8 free kitchen.

17 - Allergy Friendly & Fish Free Sources of Omega
If you're fish free, you'll struggle to find safe sources of omega. This resource will get you started.

18 - Top 8 Allergy Free Safe Products & Brands + Pantry Guide
The ultimate resource! We've compiled a list for you of brands you can trust. The products in this guide are made on top 8 allergy free equipment from brands who are allergy-focused. It means you won't need to worry.

If you manage a combination of the US top 8 allergens, this is the perfect resource. It includes all the information you'll need to get started, in one handy place.

Our Safe Products & Pantry Guide is your ticket to easy shopping. We've called hundreds of companies so you don't have to. The info is assembled in one easy to navigate file that gets your pantry built and your tummies happy.