Gluten Free, Egg Free, Vegan, Top 8 Allergy Free Muffin Recipe Bundle

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Each recipe in this Gluten Free, Top 9 Allergy Free Muffin Recipe Bundle is free from:

  • Gluten & Wheat
  • Dairy & Egg
  • Soy & Peanut
  • Tree Nuts (including Coconut)
  • Fish & Shellfish
  • Sesame, Mustard, Lupin, Added Sulfites, Celery, Avocado, and more.

These delicious muffin recipes are also featured in our Gluten Free Top 8 Allergy Free Toddler Meal Inspiration Guide.

    13 Gluten Free & Top 8 Allergy Free Muffin Recipes You'll Receive:

    • Carrot Banana Muffin
    • Double Chocolate Muffin
    • Lemon Poppy Muffin
    • Millet Muffin (play on corn bread)
    • Oat Free Protein Muffin
    • Pumpkin Blueberry Muffin
    • Raspberry Rose Muffin
    • Spinach Muffin
    • Zante Currant Muffin
    • Grain Free Cinnamon Muffin
    • Grain Free Lemon Muffin
    • Grain Free Orange Muffin
    • Grain Free Tiger Nut Muffin (tuber, NOT a nut)
    • Grain Free Strawberry Muffin

    Three Bonus Recipes!

    You'll also receive our Vanilla Cake Baked Doughnut Recipe, Chocolate Baked Doughnut Recipe, and our Banana Bread Recipe. All three recipes are gluten free, egg free, vegan, and top 9 allergy free.

    Detailed Allergy Status

    You can view the full allergy status of each muffin on our RAISE website. Click the link below.