Better Baking Boot Camp

Better Baking Boot Camp

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Better Baking Boot Camp Dates: Monday June 1 - Wednesday June 3
Time: 11am daily

We've all eaten it before: bad gluten free. If you're egg free, you've most likely experienced failed lift and/or fluff on your baked goods. It's time to put those days behind you.

Join The Allergy Chef for a three day Better Baking Boot Camp and learn from a free-from baking expert. The Allergy Chef has been baking free-from for over ten years, and has an award winning free-from bakery that serves thousands WITHOUT food allergies. You are in great hands and will be baking with a pro.

Take advantage of our Food Allergy Awareness Week sale and save $10. The price will go back to normal soon.

Who should join?

  • Anyone struggling to produce good gluten free baked goods
  • Anyone struggling with egg free baking
  • People who are gluten free and want to bake
  • People with multiple food allergies who want to bake
  • Anyone who wants safe AND delicious baked goods

We have an FAQ at the bottom of this page

Signup Bonus

When you signup for this Better Baking Boot Camp, you'll also receive a complementary one week Silver RAISE Membership. Your membership will start when the Boot Camp ends. This way, you can put your new skills to work.

Our Better Baking Boot Camp will equip you with information including:

  • Building your AP flour
  • Best methods when baking free-from
  • Gluten free flour options
  • Swaps & substitutions
  • Egg free baking

This Boot Camp will teach you from-scratch baking so you won't need to rely on any pre-made products.

RAISE Members

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Recipes To Transform Your Baking

During this Boot Camp, The Allergy Chef will step you through several amazing recipes. In addition to being versatile, you'll learn how to make substitutions as well.

Each recipe is:

  • Gluten Free
  • Top 8 Allergy Free
  • Vegan
  • Free from other less common allergens (see below)

The Better Baking Boot Camp will focus on Gluten Free, Vegan, and Top 8 Allergy Free options. Other restricted diets will be covered, but may not be our primary focus.

Learn More About The Boot Camp

Day 1: The Basics

First, we must learn the art of what baking should produce to understand how to craft free-from foods. The Allergy Chef will teach you all of the baking and free-from fundamentals you need to be more successful in your baking. You will also learn how to build an all purpose flour that works for your household.

Baking Ingredients
Gluten Free, Top 8 Allergy Free Ice Cream Sandwich

Day 2: Cookies

The Allergy Chef will take you on a baking science adventure through cookies. You'll learn first hand how different ingredients interact. After baking you'll have a better understanding of how free-from baking works, and what should be avoided.

Day 3: Loaves & Quick Breads

The Allergy Chef will walk you through how to bake amazing loaves and quick breads. You'll tackle a lemon poppy loaf, raspberry loaf, and zucchini bread. You'll also create delicious glazes for your goodies.

Banana Bread

Refund Policy

We understand that things happen and plans change. Full refunds can be issued before May 26th. Please call our office after that date. 650.200.6953.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this come with the ingredients I need?
No, you will receive a shopping list, and links where applicable. You'll need to shop in advance for the Better Baking Master Class.

What kind of bake-ware will I need?
All of that information will be supplied in your Welcome Email.

Which allergies and diet types is this friendly to?
Each recipe will be gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, peanut free, tree nut free (including coconut), fish free, shellfish free, and more. All recipes are vegetarian/vegan safe. We include notes for other less common allergens.

Will I need special software?
No. Our courses will work on all modern web browsers on laptops, phones, and tablets. You will need the Zoom app installed and working. You'll be sent links to each of the sessions.

Will I be able to record the class?
There's no need. Once the Better Baking Boot Camp ends, you'll receive links to download records of each session.