Seconds For Sale

Cupcake Seconds are a great way to sample our products if you don't want to take the plunge yet and buy a 24 pack.

So, what are Cupcake Seconds? Well, I can reassure you they didn't fall on the floor. The kids eat those. I'm cracking up right now. Hope you are too.

Cupcake Seconds are cupcakes that were under filled by a little bit, or have a decoration that wasn't my best moment. We also have times when the paper liner doesn't adhere perfectly to the cupcake, and we call these seconds too. It's like when you go to the tile store and they have one with a tiny scratch, so they call it seconds. It's just like that, but you can eat them.

The best part about seconds is that they're 50% off!

Are there any drawbacks? Yes. Cupcake Seconds are limited to what's in stock. We can't make you any, hehe. If you're looking for a particular flavor, please call or write to ensure we have what you're looking for. If you're up for whatever, let us know.

Cupcake Seconds must be picked up in person, and can't be ordered online since the inventory is constantly changing. There's also no further discounts on Cupcake Seconds. Thanks for understanding :)