Filled Cupcakes

Filled cupcakes are usually found at upscale bakeries and at weddings. Well, now they're here too, for people with food allergies.

Special notes: Filled Cupcakes are extra delicate. Once you put a hole in something, it's more likely to fall apart. Please keep that in mind and enjoy with a fork if you can.

The Organic Fruit Filled Line does not freeze and thaw as well as our other products. As you know, fruit contains water, and although it freezes great, upon thawing, that extra water causes a slight change in overall consistency. The Papa insists however that they're just as delicious as fresh.

The Cookie Filled Line can be frozen and thawed without any issues.

There is a 6 cupcake minimum when ordering from the Fruit Filled Cupcake Line. Like with all of our products, we can customize these for you as well. Drop us a line or give us a call.

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