Speaking Engagements from The Allergy Chef

The Allergy Chef makes appearances, does workshops & demos, and speaks at events regularly. She and her team have also done speaking engagements all over the United States for the Food Allergy Awareness Expedition.

Want to have The Allergy Chef at your event? Get in touch by emailing booking [at] theallergychef.com

Some of the topics The Allergy Chef has presented:
  • Inspiration 101: What It's Like Being Allergic To Everything
  • Before And After: Life With Food Allergies
  • Keeping Your Child Safe: In The Home, At School, and Beyond
  • Coping Strategies and Learning How To Rock Your Allergies
  • Cooking Demonstration: Creative Cooking & Baking With Food Allergies
  • Packing Lunches & Eating Out: Thriving With Food Allergies
  • Food Allergies On A Budget
  • The Practical Side of Living With Food Allergies
  • This Versus That (Healthy Eating For Kids)
  • Breakfast Matters (Healthy Eating For Kids)