Food Allergy Help 101: Lunch

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Packing gluten free, allergy friendly, and top 8 allergy free lunches day-in-day-out can be a huge challenge. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and tough to know how to start if you’re newly diagnosed.

This mini course will equip you with the knowledge to support to confidently pack free-from lunches for kids and adults.

Topics Covered:

  • Making & Packing Allergy Friendly Lunches
  • Having Fun Packing Lunches
  • Gluten Free, Allergy Friendly, Corn Free
  • Sandwich Alternatives
  • Lunch Packing Tools
  • Apps & Resources
  • & More

Additional Files:

  • Pulled Porque Recipe (Vegan, veg based meat alternative)
  • Helpful Video Files
  • How to Call Companies
  • Blank Menu Planning & Shopping Sheets
  • 25 Free-From Lunches, visual inspiration
  • Five Free-From Lunches Recipes
  • Rainbow Lunches eBook
  • Snack Attack eBook
  • Free-From Muffin Recipe Bundle (GF, EF, V, Top 9 Free)