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The Allergy Chef and the team at Free and Friendly Foods are all committed to assisting those with food allergies and special diets.

Having navigated these waters for long, we knew that we had a lot to offer those newly diagnosed, especially children. Our mission is to reach out and make the lives and journeys of others a little easier.

We found that resources for people with multiple food allergies was simply lacking, and sometimes non-existant. We're here to change that.

We are located in sunny California, but thanks to the internet, we can be anywhere you are, but not in a creepy way :)


So, what exactly are Free and Friendly Foods? Well, they're gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, soy free, sometimes corn free, Paleo friendly and GAPs friendly. Although every recipe doesn't fit into every category, most are compatible. That doesn't quite answer the question though. We aim to feed everyone, no matter what their food issues may be. We've always had a vision that everyone, especially children, should never have to feel like the odd man out when sharing a meal.

After years of watching kids with allergies struggle to fit in, and watching parents (many without allergies) struggle to feed their children fun and exciting meals, we knew we needed to share everything we had learned over the years.

In summary, everyone. We want to feed anyone that has ever had to deal with a food allergy or intolerance.