Allergen Information

ALL of our products are free from:

gluten, sesame, mustard, avocado, added sulfites, celery, and the top 8 allergens (wheat, dairy, egg, soy, peanut, tree nut including coconut, fish, shellfish).

We source ingredients from gluten free and top 8 free facilities. We use dedicated equipment to ensure safety from start to finish.

Sanitization  & Separation

We use dedicated equipment for the production of our bakery. Between each flavor, equipment used is dishwashed and high heat sanitized to prevent contact between flavors we offer.

Individual flavors are stored separately as well. This allows someone who is allergic to lemon to consume non-lemon flavors without concern of cross contact.


We use purity protocol gluten free oats in many of our products. Purity protocol goes above both gluten free and organic standards, and our celiac customers enjoy our baked goods. As of June 1, 2020, we are no longer offering oat free custom orders.

Corn Allergy

All of our standard cupcakes contain a corn derivative in the frosting. You can request frosting-free cupcakes. Most flavors of our Grain Free Artisan Cookies are corn free.

We take the term corn free very seriously, and ensure that each raw material is safe for a person with a serve corn allergy.

Seed Allergy

All of our products contain golden flax meal. Our standard frosting contains sunflower.

Legume Allergy

Our cupcakes contain guar gum which is a legume derivative. For context, there is 0.026 grams per cupcake of guar gum.

Custom Orders

Custom orders that alter our base recipe are no longer available as of June 1, 2020. We offer recipes that are incredibly flexible and allergy friendly on our RAISE Membership website.