Corn Free

Why hello there corn free friend of mine. People often ask what I can eat safely, and the answer is simple: not much. I have my Summit Spring water, and everything else is a toss up. I unfortunately have to eat food that I'm allergic to every day just to get by. It's not fun, and somedays I choose to go hungry instead. I'd love to be able to tell you what's safe, but I no longer have a guaranteed list. I can make some suggestions to you however based on my experiences and those of trusted corn free friends:

Shady Maple Farms Organic Maple Butter
The Kefiry Enlivened Root Beer
Sno Pac Organic Frozen Peas
Authentic Foods Flours (They also make a Corn Free Xanthan from Cabbage)
Otto's Cassava Flour
Organic Gemini Tiger Nut Flour
Raw Organic Cacao from Hummingbird Wholesale (also from a top 8 free facility)
Celtic Sea Salt
Tolerant Organic Noodles
Eden Organic Products such as Black Beans
Tropical Traditions Coconut Products
Badger Balm Chapstick
Coracacao Confections
Inna Jam

Here are a lot of links that I hope you're able to get help from. It's been quite a while since I've gone through the sites, as I'm in my own little stride at the moment. More than anything, the resources will give you ideas on how to contact manufacturers, and the types of questions to ask. I will say this much, if they ever tell you something like, "it was derived from corn, but the protein was eliminated" move on. Don't bother with those sorts of products, as it's simply not worth it.

When finding meat, look for places that have grain free and corn free feed. Also ask about the butchering process, washes that are used, cleaners that are used, and how it's packaged. Every little detail counts unfortunately when a corn allergy is involved. I can honestly say, a lot of allergies are MUCH easier to manage besides corn.

Have someone else pump your gas if possible. Yes, there's corn (ethanol) in gasoline, and the fume can be nasty for corn allergics. As your system clears, you may find that reactions be "stronger" and this is very normal. Essentially, as the body learns "right from wrong" it's bets "better/more efficient" at letting you know. I use those quotes because let's face it, it's not better that the reaction seems to get stronger.

Most OTC medications contain corn. Look into getting it compounded. Bob's Red Mills is hit or miss because they process corn in the same facility.

The really old Corn Allergen List made by Jenny Connors via the Wayback Machine


I don't suggest joining the Facebook corn allergy group. Although it has over 6,000 members, most of the senior members aren't active, and the group has a tone of the blind leading the blind. While I appreciate the good intentions, I have personally seen the spread of misinformation, even by their long-standing members. Join at your own risk.
On a final note, breathe. There's a huge learning curve with a corn allergy. ADHESIVES ARE NOT SAFE. Avoid using tape or inhaling glues etc. I almost died one night from tape exposure, seriously, no joke. Cleaning dishes and your whole house will pose a new challenge as well. Also, depending on how bad things get, you may become "allergic" to other people. Make sure those closest to you use safe products on their hair and skin. Some people who are only ingested allergic can develop contact allergies. Bellaphoria makes corn free makeup. A lady once told us that when her husband comes home from the bar, she literally can't be around him.

OK, friends, that's it for now. I hope I haven't given you too much. I'm here for you if you need anything. I may not always get back to you super fast, but I'm still super here. I really mean that. No really, I do. We have a youtube channel ( and over time, I will be releasing more corn free geared items on video. Also, on our blog (, some of the oldest recipes are corn free. You know at the bottom where you click read older, just keep pushing that until you get to the "first page" of the blog. When all of this started, it was my mission to create CF items.
I wish you all the very best!
~The Allergy Chef