Questions about the Allergy Status 

Are your ingredients certified gluten free?
A lot of our ingredients are certified, however, some are not. For example, some of the fresh fruit, or organic oils. However, you can rest assured that they're not certified because nothing else is processed in their facility. We have called each of ingredient suppliers to investigate the allergy status to ensure that you receive a safe treat.

Are your ingredients top 8 allergy free?
Yes dear friends they are. We've called every supplier to investigate. We ask them about the facility, transportation, processing, lines, and equipment. If we're not satisfied with the answers, we don't use the product. There are a few ingredients that come from a shared plant, that are however, made in a closed off area of said plant. If you have concerns, please don't hesitate to call. We'd be happy to go over the fine details of each ingredient with you.

Are your ingredients corn free?
Unfortunately, I can't make you a guaranteed promise that they are. I know which ones are for sure, and we try to source the rest as best as we can. As those of you with a corn allergy know, it's everywhere, and companies are constantly changing. If  you have a corn allergy, I encourage you to reach out so we can talk about brands.


Questions about Ordering 

Do I need to order in advance?
Yes and No. Most products are kept in stock at all times. Here’s the breakdown of timeline with orders:

For large orders (more than 100 minis), please give us at least 72 hours.

For bespoke cakes, please have a minimum of 72 hours lead time (working days)

All In-stock items can be ordered and picked up/delivered on the same day.

How long does it take to fill my order?
Please see the above answer.

Can I buy just one?


Questions about Pick Up

When can I pick up my order?
You can pickup anytime during regular business hours.

Should I bring anything when I come to pickup?
Yes, please bring a photo ID, proof of your food allergy, and a business card. Totally kidding. But seriously, bring a cooler with you if you be traveling for a long time and/or in a hot car.

Will my cupcakes melt in the car?
Possibly. You see, for me, someone with all the allergies, I can’t use the heater or AC in my car without becoming sick. Cupcakes melt in my car if they’re not in a cooler. A friend of ours did a test for us, and found that with the AC on, they were fine. We suggest that you bring a cooler if you’ll be traveling for more than 20 minutes on a warmer day.

What if I miss my pick up appointment?
Please call us on our office line 650.200.6953 or email us if you need to change your pick up time. We’ll keep your cupcakes safe in the fridge until you arrive. I WILL protect them.

Can I bring my pet?
Please don’t. We have a strict no-pet policy, as we are in Licensed Cottage Kitchen.

Can I park in your driveway?
Yes. Yes you can. You can even play basketball with us if we have a little extra time.

Will I get to meet The Allergy Chef?
Maybe. If you would like to have a guaranteed meeting/sighting, please notate that in your order or call ahead. Things are getting busy around here.

Can I pickup anytime?
No. you can’t come at 3am. We’re trying to sleep. Pickup can happen during our normal business hours Wednesday - Friday 10am - 6pm or Saturday & Monday 10am - 2pm. If you need something else, please let us know so we can work with you. We know what it’s like trying to get to a store before they close.


Questions about Delivery

Do you deliver every day?
Yes, we deliver to select locations. Details are available when checking out.

How long does it take you to deliver?
Depends on traffic. No really. Have you seen the 101 at 2pm? We will give you a delivery window time, and do everything we can to make it on time. We’ll let you know if we get stuck in traffic.

Will you ship my order?
Nope. No really. We’re not allowed to yet. Once we’ve found the perfect commercial kitchen with all the bells and whistles that can meet our allergy-free needs, THEN we can start shipping :)

Can I have you set up a delivery through a messenger service?
No. One of the rules in San Mateo County is that when delivery is involved from a Cottage Kitchen, third-party services can not be used.

What if i miss my delivery appointment?
Please call us on our office line 650.200.6953 if you need to change your delivery time. If we’re already on the road, we will turn around and go home. However you will need to reschedule as a pickup, as we can’t reschedule a delivery.

Will you take a selfie with me?
Absolutely. Make sure you text me a copy. Can I post it on my social media feed?

Will you stay and talk to my friends about the cupcakes?
Yes and no. If we’re talking for 5 to 10 minutes, totally. If you’d like an official appearance by The Allergy Chef for 30 minutes or more, please contact us so we can work you into the schedule. You’d be surprised how busy we’ve been lately.


Questions about Quality

Why are some of the cupcakes in your pictures under filled?
We strive to ensure that each cupcake is the same. When you're working with allergy free baking, it's not always perfect, especially because each one is hand-made. Hopefully the extra love we put into the process makes up for it. Also, when the cupcakes are too full, they have a tendency to break when removing them from the tray. It's a lesson we've had to learn the hard way.

What if I don’t like my cupcakes? Can I return them?
Hehe. No, you can’t return food. If there’s an issue with you order, please give us a call so we can talk about replacement or partial refund. Sorry there was a problem (assuming there was, and you’re now reading the F.A.Q.)

Why are the prices so high?
Talk to The Papa about that one. I argued my case, I was like, but I want people to be able to afford it! You know how much I hate going to the store and being charged an arm and a leg for special stuff for Kid Two and Kid Three. It’s just not fair. Well, then we had to buy all the supplies, and you know that we use as many organic ingredients as possible, and The Papa said I couldn’t give them away for free. Sorry. I tried, I really did. You’ll also notice that our prices are very comparable to what you’d get at other name brand bakeries, except these are safe for people with food allergies.


Questions about Custom Orders

Can mini cupcakes be ordered as large ones?
We no longer offer this service.

Can I really order anything custom?
Yes. if you can dream it up, I will do my best to make you happy. That’s really what this business is all about: finding joy, no matter what the food allergy. I’m thinking Tomato Soup Cupcakes with an Eggplant Filling. Thoughts?

Can I mix and match flavors?
Yes. In fact, I hope you do. The cost will be the same as the line you're ordering from. Can you tell I hate it when they charge you an extra dollar for avocado?


Questions about Food Allergies and Our Kitchen

Do you have safe treats for me? I’m allergic to nuts.
Why, hello there, nut allergic friend of mine. Did I ever tell you about the time I nearly died eating a Brazil nut? Not cool. Anywho. Yes. There's no nuts in any of our products. Raw materials all come from nut free facilities (also top 8 free facilities and equipment).

If you have any other questions or concerns, please call us. No really. CALL. I know what it’s like being the person with the allergy, or trying to feed one of my kids, and being paranoid that they won’t understand, or they don’t really know what they’re doing. They’re just saying it’s dairy free. Did I tell you about the shared grill issue? I’ll tell you when you stop by :)


Miscellaneous Questions

Can I use your pictures on my website?
Please contact us for an official photo release.

How do I thaw the cupcakes if I freeze them?
Whatever you do, don’t bake them. The frosting will melt. We also learned that if you bake them, it messes with the texture. Simply place them on a counter top for about 2 hours, and BOOM. You’re ready to go.

Can I freeze all of the cupcakes?
Technically, you can freeze anything, including your bed sheets. I will say that the Fruit Filled Cupcake Line thaws a bit different than the rest due to the extra moisture content. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Just remember that since it’s filled with organic fresh fruit, which contains water, it alters the overall makeup when thawing just a tad. The Papa has sacrificed himself time and again to confirm that they're still delicious.

Will you come to my house and cook for me?
Actually, yes. We have a service called Chef For Hire. It’s like catering, but in your house. We supply the me, and you supply the kitchen. Give us a call or send us an email for details.