Welcome to Free and Friendly Foods, Home of The Allergy Chef

The Free & Friendly Foods Bakery is proud to be Gluten Free, Vegan, and Allergy Friendly. We only use Organic, All Natural, and Non-GMO Ingredients.

We are so excited to share our knowledge and tasty treats with the world. You can contact us for questions, comments, feedback, and support. We also offer consulting services as well as catering services.

Our Goal is to Make a Difference in the World. Our shared passion is to bring delicious meals to those who suffer from food allergies. Our Mission is to Feed Everyone. Our desire is to help people with allergies rediscover joy in the kitchen.Our aim is to help people enjoy meals together.

Hollywood Delivery Coming in March

If you live on the route from SFO to North Hollywood, we will be delivering Saturday, March 25. Orders need to be placed by 12pm on Tuesday 3/21/2017 to qualify for this trip. Have questions? Call 650.200.6953. This is a great opportunity for those of you with many food allergies. Custom orders may be available, so call if you have other needs.

Minimum Order is $30 with a $10 delivery fee, and free delivery for orders over $60.


Radio & Recipe

The Allergy Chef was recently a guest on Aging By The Bay. You can hear the podcast on their site. Here is the link to Kale and Bean Stew, a recipe developed by The Allergy Chef.

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The Recipe Challenge!

Open your fridge and throw a challenge our way. Send us a picture or list of the ingredients you have, as well as your allergies, and we'll make a meal of it. Use the contact form, or reach out to to us via the social media links on the bottom of the page. We'll be posting our response on the blog and social media. Can't wait to see what you've got.