Single Class Pass at RAISE

Single Class Pass at RAISE

  • $15.00

Join a live session with The Allergy Chef! This product is for anyone who is NOT a current RAISE Member.

If you are a current RAISE Member, please do not purchase a pass. All members are able to join in live sessions as they're recorded.

Who is The Allergy Chef?

Kathlena, The Allergy Chef, has been teaching on a range of topics for more than 20 years. She is an expert on food allergies, special diets, and restricted diets. She also holds several culinary and pastry diplomas.

With more than 200 food allergies and food intolerances, Kathlena has a perspective like none other. She has lived this life for a very long time and understands how to navigate the different aspects of living with dietary restrictions.

Whilst most people mainly think about the food, Kathlena takes a more holistic approach to the topic. She helps people with their kitchens, but also mindset, time management, emotional struggles, and more.

To learn more about her journey, read Our Story.

Q & A Time in Each Live Session


At the end of each live session, those attending are able to ask questions about the topic presented. It's also a great time to learn from the experiences of others.

How This Pass Works

  1. Purchase your pass
  2. Let us know which course you'd like to attend (add it to your order note, or we'll email you)
  3. We send you the details for the live session
  4. Attend & Enjoy
  5. You'll also receive a recording of the live session in case you'd like to review the material.

Aug - Dec 2022 Upcoming Live Sessions to Choose From

8/4 Allergy Seminar: Back to School - Practical Lunches
8/18 Live Cooking: Frosting & Decorating Practice
9/1 Allergy Seminar: Expanding Your Child's Diet
9/15 Hot Seat Consultation: Low FODMAP and Corn Free
9/29 Allergy Seminar: Increasing Calories Without Using Oil
10/13 Corn Free Course: Safety in the Workplace
10/27 Allergy Seminar: Emergency Planning When Living with Allergies & Dietary Restrictions
11/10 Hot Seat Consultation: Legume Free, Red Meat Free, Latex Allergy

Who should join?

  • Anyone who is not a current RAISE Member
  • Those who would like to learn about a specific topic related to restricted diets.

We have an FAQ at the bottom of this page for more info.

Learn More About The Types of Live Sessions

    Allergy Seminars

    This type of live session with The Allergy Chef covers a wide range of topics for people who manage food allergies, special diets, and other dietary restrictions. Previous topics include:

    • Social Scenarios
    • Mental Health for Parents
    • Sending Kids to PreSchool
    • Class Parties
    • Workplace Safety
    • Baking
    • Candy Making
    Allergy Seminar Image
    Corn Free Course Image

    Corn Free Courses

    Enjoy in depth classes with The Allergy Chef on all things corn free related. Information presented is geared towards those with a severe corn allergy, but anyone who is corn free can benefit. Previous topics include:

    • Back to School
    • Well Adjusted Kids
    • Contact & Airborne Allergies
    • Sourcing Safe Food
    • Supplements & Medication
    • Holidays
    • Bath & Body Products

    Live Cooking Classes (GF, Top 8 Free)

    Cook and bake along with The Allergy Chef! During these classes, you'll make the recipe along with Kathlena, and ask questions & receive feedback as you go progress. Previous meals include:

    • Chocolate Cake
    • Tortilla Chips
    • Candy
    • Holiday Cake
    • Tacos
    • Fresh Pasta
    • Easy Dinners
    Live Cooking Class Image
    Hot Seat Consultation Image

    Hot Seat Consultations

    If you're taking this Master Class, there's a good chance you're more than just corn free. We'll make sure that you understand how to manage multiple allergies to make the most of your situation.
    • Gluten Free
    • Top 8 Allergy Free
    • Legume Free
    • MACS
    • Nutrition

    Refund Policy

    We understand that things happen and plans change. Full refunds can be issued if you have not attended a live session. Once you've been given your session access code, we will be unable to issue a refund.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I take a Corn Free Course if I'm corn-lite?
    Corn-lite is an unregulated term that means something different to each person using it. We do not cover corn lite topics in our Corn Free Courses. The Allergy Chef teaches from the perspective of "you have a severe corn allergy". The information applies to everyone who is corn free, but you may not need to adhere to some of the more strict suggestions.

    Do Live Cooking Classes come with ingredients I'll need?
    No, you will receive a shopping list, and links where applicable. You'll need to shop in advance for any of the Live Cooking Classes.

    What kind of cook-ware and bake-ware will I need?
    All of that information will be supplied in your course materials.

    Which allergies and diet types are the live cooking classes friendly to?
    Each recipe will be gluten free, and top 8 allergy free (wheat, dairy, egg, soy, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish). All recipes are also sesame free, and some are truly corn free. From there, recipes will vary.

    Will I need special software?
    No. Our courses will work on all modern web browsers on laptops, phones, and tablets.

    How long will I have replay access for?
    Forever. Once you've purchased your pass and selected a session, you'll be sent a link to the file after the event. You can download the file directly, and also revisit the recording online in the future.