RAISE Scholarship - Silver Membership

RAISE Scholarship - Silver Membership

  • $13.00
  • Save $7

Support a family through our RAISE Scholarship Program. Purchase as many months as you'd like to support others who are struggling financially, but need the resources RAISE provides.

To partner with you, we're offering this membership at a discounted rate.

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Helping Your Gift Go Further

We love the helping spirit of the food allergy and restricted diet community. In addition to your gift, we will be providing a 30 minute consultation free of charge to each scholarship recipient.

How Scholarships Are Awarded

Our RAISE Membership website has a form for applicants. Applications are prioritized based on severity of case (levels 1 - 10). Once a scholarship is available, applicants are granted a membership.

For example, if there's a level 3 applicant and a level 8 applicant, the level 8 applicant would receive the scholarship if only one is available.

How We Determine Severity

We look at several factors including:

  • How new is the diagnosis
  • Type(s) of restriction (allergy, intolerance, histamine, auto immune, etc.)
  • Number of safe foods available
  • Additional rare factors such as EOE, FPIES, Severe Corn Allergy, etc.
  • Age